List of Latest and Free Android Games on Google Play

Smartphone games everyone would love to play it, ranging from adults to small children were also happy with the game name. What’s more you gamers, definitely do not want to lose out with the latest games. Currently the game not only can be played in a PC or laptop, even mobile phones are now providing game facilities. And on this occasion I will give you info about the latest and free Android games that you can enjoy.

Latest and Free Android Games

Plants vs Zombies 2

Is a familiar game, where we often encounter Plants vs. Zombies games in PC games. A game of resistance on a bunch of zombies who try to attack into the house, by way of fortifying the house with a variety of plants that can provide attack on the zombie. In Plants vs Zombies 2 this concept is made more interesting, than Plants vs. Zombies before. The curious, just download the game on Google Play, gratiss.


D&D Arena of War

D & D Arena of War Dragon & Dungeon game that we often encounter in the plays station game, now successfully developed by Mobage (Japan), so you can enjoy in your Android phone. Make a fancy with this D & D Arena of War, just download the game on Google Play, gratiss.


Gibbets 2

Is a new game that fall into the category of arcade games. In this Gibbets 2 game your job is to shoot the person’s strap by using a bow. If the shot meles, then your life will decrease. Game play of this game is very interesting and menntang, when played also will not make players feel bored. Who is curious about this game Gibbets 2, just download, gratiss kok (^^,).


NBA General Manager 2014

NBA General Manager 2014 game included in the first simulation game category of the NBA franchise. NBA General Manager 2014 is a soccer game that comes in a basketball version. Curious? Just go live on Google Play.


Combat Monster

Combat Monster is a game where the character is a monster, which you must fight. Game Play from Combat Monster is very interesting and does not cause saturation when played. You can download immediately through Google Play for free.

Box It

Game Box It is a puzzle game that requires players to master most of the game screen by drawing a line that is the edge of the game arena, but make sure the line has not been interacted with objects that bounce around the game area. For more details, Browse download Google Play gi, Free


Hello Hero

Hello hero is an adventure game where players will control the male noble character who seeks to protect the galaxy from its evil enemies. In addition, this male knight can also collect other hero characters which will later help to protect the galaxy from enemy attacks.

Above are some of the latest Android games that you can download via Google Play. Just wait for the latest game updates judi online terpercaya on If you’re happy, share this game with relatives or friends who like to collect the latest games.

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