3 Main Components of Computer System Builders (Hardware, Software, and Brainware)

Computer System Main Components of Computer Systems (Hardware, Software, and Brainware) – To operate a computer, there are 3 main components that must be met. Because these three have a very important role. If less than one of these three copies, then certainly the computer will never be operated. In other words, these three components can not be separated, and have a binding role.

The three components in question are hardware (hardware), software (Software), and also human / users (Brainware). Here is an explanation of these three components.


Hardware or hardware is a component in a computer system that is physically visible and palpable. If there is no hardware in the computer system, nothing will be operated. Hardware (Hardware) consists of input / output devices, storage devices, processing devices. Each of these devices is, keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive, RAM, CPU, and others. The hardware devices form one unit so that they can work.



Software or software is a program used in computers in the form of instructions (instructions) that can be understood by the computer. This software that operates the existing hardware on the computer. Without software, computer hardware will not work.

Just imagine if there is no software, how the existing hardware will be operated. With this software, we can ask the computer to perform various jobs, such as typing, listening to music, watching videos, and others.

The main software that must be in the computer is the operating system, then the operating system is equipped with various default applications and other additional applications if needed.



Brainware is a user or computer user, in other words is the person who operates the computer hardware judi online terpercaya through software that is on the computer. Any sophisticated computer, if there is no user who operates (barinware), then the existence of the computer just the same in vain. Because the computer will not be able to work alone without being operated by the wearer.

The three components above, hardware, software, and brainware have functions and roles that bind or interrelate with each other. If one component is not met, then the computer will never be able to operate. Because the computer is just a series of electronics that only works if supported with other components, namely software and brainware.

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