8 Small Android Lightweight Games Not slow

Lightweight Android Game Smartphone users with android operating systems today are very much good in Indonesia or around the world. This is in because smartphone or phone with android operating system has many advantages when compared with smartphones that use other mobile operating systems.

One of the advantages of the smartphone operating system android is with the number of games that can be obtained in the application market and also a special game market for the world’s largest android Google Play Store. You can get or choose games or apps android either small or large.

Well, on this occasion sehape.com will invite you to discuss lightweight android game or small android game that of course many peminatnya. Because basically today there are still many people who use a smartphone with a very limited specifications. Here are some small sized games for android that you can install on your android smartphone with limited specifications of yours.

Small Android Lightweight Game No Slow

  • Tank 1990

Lightweight and small game with the first small is a game that was once popular or even very favorite for platform sega and nintendo. Game called Tank 1990 is a legendary game with backsound which of course will make you nostalgic.

Tank 1990 game size is very small, which ranges from 1.9 MB. Small enough not for the size of android games? Let’s destroy the enemy tanks by playing this Tank 1990 game and if you want to try light android games or small size games for android this one, you can get it in google play store.


  • Stickman Soccer 2014

The first android lightweight game you must install on your smartphone for a small game size is a game called Stickman Soccer 2014. In general, games that are themed or football genre of course have a very large size, but very different from lightweight android game that one this.

Game Stickman Soccer 2014 has a small size that can be downloaded and installed on smartphones that have medium specifications down. Game in the package in the size of 28 MB of course will make you feel satisfied if you are really lovers of football games.


  • Time Surfer

When you are in a state of falling, in this game you can control the time so you do not fall. Game called Time Surfer is a small and very exciting android game, especially lightweight android games this one does not require large RAM size.

Game Time Surfer is a pretty much game downloaded, installed and played by gamers android. Because this game has its own sensation when in play, if you are interested in this game you can download it in the google play store which is the largest android application market and games in the world.


  • Grand Prix Story

The next small android game is a racing game for android with very simple graphics. Game with old-fashioned nuance but still interesting to play with your android smartphone.

In the light android game titled Grand Prix Story you can practice to become a racer, you can also find your own sponsors and you can also modify your car to be more powerful when competing in the circuit. Game Grand Prix Story is becoming interesting when in play on a wide screen phone.


  • Angry Gran

The next light android game is a game that tells of an angry grandmother walking on the highway whilst beating every passerby in front of her. Game Angry Gran is the game we mean, one of the funny games with a small size for android.

Indeed, this grandmother’s mission in Angry Gran game is to earn money by hitting people who are on the highway. Along with your level that continues to increase, then your way the grandmother will be faster just so it will make the more difficult the grandmother to hit people.


  • Block Puzzle

One of the small and lightweight game of the android that belongs to one old game that is still popular today is a game called Block Puzzle. This game is very easy to play in because this game is a game with a simple gameplay.

In this Block Puzzle game there are at least about 6 thousand puzzles that you have to finish. It feels after you try the game Block Puzzle will make you addicted to solve the challenges that exist in this game Block Puzzle. So immediately wrote deh download on Google Play Store.


  • Archery Master 3D

Lightweight android game that has the next mini size is a game that the developer called Archery Master 3D. This game has a uniqueness, which trains you to agile in accuracy. The reason is in the game that the package in this 3D view, you can learn archery is almost realistic.

With very easy control, it feels like you will soon be able to learn this game Master Archery Master 3D. There are about 100 levels in this game Archery Master 3D and there are also interesting items that make the quality of your archery better.


  • Granny Smith

Next is a game with a small size for android with a very funny concept. Granny Smith game is a game with a good graphic quality judi online terpercaya cucup if viewed from the size of this game itself.

Your mission in this Granny Smith game is to protect your apples from thieves roaming the streets. Of course this will be very difficult, how are you interested to play the game with mini size for android this one?

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