8 Best and Latest Android Adventure Games Today

Android Adventure Game Lots of game genres you can see in the google play store which is the android app market and the biggest android game in the world. This is in because google play store is still under the auspices of the world’s largest internet company that is Google.

One of the genre of android games that became a favorite of many people is the game with the theme of adventure. Because of course this adventure-themed game holds a very stressful mystery, many mysteries that we can solve in the adventure game. Of course if you can navigate the obstacles that exist in the android game with the adventure theme, it will be fun is not it?

Sports therefore on this occasion sehape.com will discuss about adventure games for android which of course is in need by the adventure game enthusiasts. Here is a collection and a list of adventure android games for you who are adventurous.

Best and Latest Android Adventure Game

  • War of Rings

Wow for the next android adventure game is a MMORPG themed game of friends. This cool game can play friends online and also can play offline, so if friends again run out of quota, friends can play without the internet.

This game is a battle between races that are so exciting, so friends here will wade adventure as an Elf folk to discover 27 rings that have tremendous power to make the world peaceful without war.

Ujoy is the developer who developed this android adventure game this one. For details of this War of Rings game friends can directly click the detail link + War of Rings download link as follows.


  • Detective Grimoire

The next adventure-themed game is the Detective Grimoire game that requires you to uncover a murder mystery set in the midst of a creepy swamp. In this game there is a character that is Richard Remington who is the owner of a swamp that has been killed.

And it turns out all the facts and evidence has led to Boggy which is a mythological creature that is in place. But it is not certain, so your job in this game is to find out who actually killed Richard Remington. How do you feel challenged to adventure with this Grimoire Detective game?


  • Tiny Thief

The next adventure game android is Tint thief, a game or adventure game that requires you to solve puzzles that use logic, of course for those of you who like adventure games and like to think, would love this game Tiny Thief.

Game called Tiny Thief is a pretty old game in the list or list of this android game, but the puzzle in this game judi online terpercaya is mandatory for you to try, because a lot of puzzles that trap in this adventure game for android.


  • Thomas Was Alone

The next adventure game for android is a game that used to be popular for computer or PC platforms. And now a game called Thomas Was Alone has been present for the smartphone platform android which of course one of the platforms that many users.

For some people, the game Thomas Was Alone is synonymous with the color box character is very exciting and relatively light game with a small size. In the game Thomas Was Alone you can control the box susai with the shape of the place you pass. One of the adventure games for android that can play your brain and is recommended for you.


  • Waking Mars

A game called Waking Mars is one of the best adventure games that is required for you to play on your android smartphone. With a unique gameplay that is by setting the place on the planet Mars will certainly make this game more interesting. Various places on planet Mars can be explored with this Waking Mars game.

Using astronaut clothes and have a mission to spread the seeds against the enemy. In the appearance of adventure games for android Waking Mars is pretty good when viewed from the platform where the game is in the present. Uniquely interesting game this you can control easily, but to have this game Waking Mars you must be willing to spend the cost, the article Waking Mars game is a paid game.


  • Traps n’ Gemstone

Game which is a game with 2D retro display that has been successfully created or in the developer by one of the game developers android Donut Games. Game Traps n ‘Gemstones this can be a very amazing game if installed on your smartphone or your android gadget.

Gems and coins you should get when playing this Traps n ‘Gemstones game, explore the enormous pyramid in this game will be very exciting. Gameplay game Traps n ‘Gemstones is very simple, but the quality of adventure games for android you will get in this Traps n’ Gemstones game by spending a fee in google play store.


  • Minecraft: Story Mode

The android adventure game that next becomes our discussion is a game called Minecraft: Story Mode. This one game is a legendary and unique game android adventure game titled Minecraft: Story Mode uses graphics similar to lego.

Although the graphics concept like that, but Minecraft game: Story Mode is a lot of guys lho Guys. The mission is in this android adventure game is pretty good, but to be able to play the game Minecraft: Story Mode is not free, you must pay Rp. 69,000.


  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The android game titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the android adventure game that is mandatory for you to play if you are an adventure android game lover. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is a game created by a game company of Gameloft caliber.

In New York City Spider Man acts so cool to beat up the bad guys. By design, this android adventure game is pretty cool, therefore the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is feasible if sold at a price of Rp. 99,000.

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